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Outlander – Vamp (Original) (1991)

EDMclassics | 22 January, 2021

As for so many contemporary Dance entrepreneurs, life for Marcos Salon (Outlander) did not start with a guitar in the family garage, but with a cheap keyboard in his bedroom. At first fiddling for fun, he soon found himself afloat in the digital domain and became a sound addict with a habit healthy enough to earn him a living.

It was the era of new beat, and for once Belgium could pass for the centre of the universe. A regular of the then trendsetting Antwerp clubs Ancienne Belgique and Prestige, Marcos teamed up with DJ Marc Grouls and set up IN-D, a collaboration which would lead to three remarkable 12-inches on Subway Records: Virgin In-D Sky’s (still one of the crucial anthems of the Balearic scene), Bastion In-D Stress and Beat In-D Dream. End of 1989 however, the two each went their seperate ways. Marc got involved in At mozphere Featuring Mae-B, while Marcos recorded another record for Subway Records under the name D.I.Y. (U Don’t Have 2 Worry).

He then moved on to the USA Import label, where he started working with pirate radio DJ’s Sven Van Hees and Paul Ward as LIAISONS D. (named after the latter two’s influential radio show). The tracks He Chilled Out and Sirenas aroused the interest of R & S Records, and not long after a last venture for USA Import with DJ Koenie and Sebastian Kalong (DECK-8-9 – Bio-Wacko) Marcos signed with R & S and adopted the pseudo OUTLANDER. In this solo capacity he has since then produced an impressive amalgam of refined and hybrid Techno (e.g. the massive Vamp), was responsible for a number of innovative releases in the mysterious T(est) Z(one) series and brought crowds to sheer ecstasy playing live at raves in Europe and America. His most recent releases, the acclaimed double 12-inch Aural Scent and A New Paradigm, best represent what Outlander’s music is all about: sonic bliss for the most demanding ears.

Written by EDMclassics


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